PP Woven Bag


PP woven bag is made from circular weaved polypropylene tapes. With high tensile strength and low weight, PP woven bag is an ideal packaging for bulk material.

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  • High Tensile Strength: for bulk material packaging up to 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Waterproof: inside/outsie coating prevents damage from water/air humidity.
  • Slip resistants: folded yarn or special printing gives anti slip effect.
  • Printing: up to 5 colour (front) + 3 colour (back) available
  • Design: any customer requirement including top heat cut, top hemmed, top valve, top with handles, top with hole punch, etc.
  • Uses: Rice, Sugar, Soya, Corn, and other food grains, petrochemical and mineral product.
  • Capacity: from 5 kgs to 100 kgs.
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