Policy & Code of Ethics

Company Policy

Risk Management

The risk management process takes place through the following stages:

  1. Risk identification by considering internal and external factors.
  2. Continuous and timely analysis and evaluation to establish priorities and sources of risk.
  3. Implement risk mitigation strategies in a sustainable manner as well as the resources needed for such management.
  4. Communication and participation of all relevant stakeholders.
  5. Recording and determining risk profiles for monitoring and reviewing their developments and changes.

Violation / Whistleblowing Reporting

The Company is obliged to protect witnesses or reporters for violations, misappropriation, or efforts to obstruct the Company's operations carried out by employees or certain parties.

Protection of the confidentiality of the reporter's identity

Protection for retaliation from reported parties or other interested parties

Protection from pressure or other physical actions

The Company guarantees that any violation reporting will be followed up properly by the parties or relevant officials who have the authority to make improvements.

The party managing the complaint is Internal Audit by making a written report and will be followed up with an investigation and report to the related party or official.

Anti-Corruption, Fraud and Insider Trading

Employees are prohibited from using data and information deemed confidential for personal gain or for the benefit of themselves or other third parties, accepting and / or offering gratuity in any form.

Work Partners

Cooperation in the procurement of goods and services according to the needs of the Company.

Company Code of Ethics

PT YANAPRIMA HASTAPERSADA Tbk is committed to practicing the principles of good corporate governance such as transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness and upholding equal rights as stated in the Company's Code of Ethics.

These values are reflected in the Code of Conduct, which guides the Management Team, Directors, Board of Commissioners and all employees in carrying out their daily duties by implementing standards of behavior in their interactions with other employees, shareholders, suppliers and local officials. The Code of Conduct calls on employees to:

  • Increase accountability, transparency, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Performing high-level professionalism and integrity;
  • Avoid giving or receiving other Company gifts and bribes;
  • Avoiding activities that might create a conflict of interest with their work; and
  • Protect Company information, both during work and after retiring from the Company.


Pedoman Perilaku disosialisasikan secara rutin ke seluruh bagian dari Perseroan, dan semua karyawan yang sedang bekerja maupun yang baru akan bekerja harus menandatangani Pedoman Perilaku ini setidaknya setiap dua tahun sekali. Setiap karyawan tahu bahwa jika terjadi pelanggaran Pedoman Perilaku, Perseroan akan mengambil tindakan disipliner termasuk pemutusan hubungan kerja. Selain itu, Pedoman Perilaku juga ditinjau dan diperbarui secara berkala untuk menjamin keselarasannya dengan tujuan pemberlakuan Pedoman Perilaku, yakni untuk:

  • Mengintegrasikan nilai-nilai Perseroan ke dalam praktik bisnis yang etis yang dilakukan karyawan agar sejalan dengan visi dan misi Perseroan.
  • Mendeskripsikan dengan jelas nilai-nilai Perseroan dan perilaku yang harus diikuti oleh seluruh karyawan dan melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawab sehari-harinya.
  • Memberikan panduan dasar bagi semua tingkatan karyawan dalam Perseroan mengenai interaksi antara Perseroan dan karyawan, pemegang saham, pemasok, Pemerintah dan pemangku kepentingan lainnya.

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